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The Making of Wardrobes: How Is It Done?

After ordering your new sliding door wardrobe, you probably await its arrival eagerly! Then when it finally gets installed in your room, you can finally organise your belongings in the perfect way. But what happens to your wardrobe during your wait? How is it made?

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Which Style of Interior Design Best Suits You?

When it comes to decorating or redecorating your home, there are so many different styles to choose from and different styles can work better for different personalities!

We’ve compiled a list of different interior design styles and determined which personalities they suit best.

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Is Brown Really That Boring? The Benefits of Brown Interior Design.

From beige to copper to chestnut to chocolate, there are so many shades of brown. So why has it gained a reputation as a boring colour? Perhaps it’s because there are so many other, louder and brighter colours available. Whatever the reason, we certainly don’t think there’s anything wrong with this quiet shade, and we definitely wouldn’t agree that it’s boring!

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Top Tips for Making Your Wardrobe Interior Beautiful

Having gorgeous doors on your wardrobe, and a generally aesthetically pleasing exterior, is important. The outside of your wardrobe is constantly seen and makes up part of the decoration of your entire room. So why would you care about making the interior of your wardrobe beautiful too? Well, you see the inside of your wardrobe every single day when you are choosing what to wear and, if it looks good when you open those doors, it can brighten your whole day.

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The Most Inventive Uses of Wardrobes

When we think of wardrobes, we generally tend to think of them as being filled with our clothes, but there are so many other ways that they can be used in our homes. Here are a few of our favourite alternative uses of wardrobes!

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